Beeline Team

Kimberly Amos

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family taught Kimberly about business and resourcefulness. A market researcher by profession, she constantly seeks out opportunities for constructively improving the interests of her clients.


Kimberly has worked in various industries spanning agriculture, construction, law, accounting, financial services, hospitality, entertainment, and real estate. Her life-long interest in learning makes it easier to ask what job she hasn't done!

Logan Amos

Logan is a skilled visual artist and licensed architect. He designs beautiful logos, marketing materials, custom art, and, of course, residences. He's always looking to find optimal solutions for his clients' functional, aesthetic, and budgetary needs.


The Amos boys were brought up in their father's woodworking shop and the story goes that, "they've ingested enough wood that it's in their bones." Design and craftsmanship is core to Logan's identity, from the house he built with his own hands to his art on display in a notable French gallery.