Four Easy Steps to Make Your Company A Magnet for Clients

Think of someone you know who has a magnetic personality. Maybe they have a great smile or a genuine laugh, or they’re easy to get along with, or maybe you walk away from them with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Does your company have a magnetic personality? Instead of a great smile, does it present attractive branding? Instead of a genuine laugh, does your messaging tell your clients what they need or want to hear? Is it easy for your clients to work with you? When they pay your invoice, do they feel like they received fair or above average value for money?


There are small tweaks – and grandiose maneuvers – that can move your business from the sidelines into a magnetic one that attracts clients. 



Definition: The distinctive designs, styles, and symbols that distinguish your business from another’s.

Nice Branding: If you don’t have a consistent look to your business, it’s time to get one. I recommend a 3-2-1 approach for the easiest branding. Pick three colours, two fonts, and one symbol (your logo), and use them. Use them on your website, use them on your invoices, use them on your shirts, use them in your email signature, use them.

Dynamic Branding: Dig deep and be able to finitely express your company’s Vision Statement, Value Proposition, and Positioning Statement. Use these to define your [company’s] existence.



Definition: The intentional actions you take to call attention to your company, its products or services, or its activities.

Nice Messaging: Having a storefront (a physical one or a digital one) isn’t enough to qualify as “advertising.” Draw attention to it by putting your company’s name out there: on road signs/ internet ads, on community bulletin boards/discussion forums, in newspapers/affiliate links.

Dynamic Messaging: Just like the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together. 1) Research your audience to understand who you’re trying to reach and what you can say that they’d be interested in hearing. 2) Craft messages - content and images or videos – that resonate with that audience and inspire them to take an action. 3) Get the message out to all the places your target audience might be likely to see it. 4) Follow up, and get a sense of what worked and what didn’t.


Ease of Use

Definition: How easily a customer/client/prospect/associate can get to what you’re selling.

Nice Ease of Use: Be responsive. If a customer calls, you answer. If a customer messages, you reply.

Dynamic Ease of Use: Use a 1-2 punch with responsiveness and proactivity. Make sure they can reach you, but also make it a point to reach out to them. Let your clients know: How is their new X working out? Any follow up questions about their new Y? Just calling to let you know your Z is performing fantastically!


Value for Money

Definition: The utility (the satisfaction, benefit, worth, and value) received in exchange for the time and money you invested.

Nice Value for Money: Operate in a fair and reasonable manner and charge fair and reasonable prices. That doesn’t mean giving away your work, but don’t be shady or greedy.

Dynamic Value for Money: Take the time to make sure that you’re meeting your client on their level. Thoroughly understand their needs and their motivations, so you can provide the product or service that solves their problem or fulfills a need as closely as possible. 


For some businesses, having a magnetic personality comes naturally. For others, they'll benefit from a little coaching or help. The “Nice” actions that you just read are absolutely things that you can do for yourself! You have taken the bold and powerful step of starting a business, so take action to ensure that its magnetic personality is primed to attract clients and to grow it into the future company you’re envisioning. If you want to know how or if I can help you, give me call (416.574.9183) or check out my services and we’ll sort it out together.