Custom Flashcards
15. March 2023
Custom flashcards were created for kids practicing letters and elementary knowledge.

Logo Development
12. March 2022
Logo for a developing interest.

Lost Luggage Branding
23. October 2021
Visual brand elements for online retailer 'Lost Luggage'

Vintage Addicted Branding
01. March 2021
Branding document for online retailer 'Vintage Addicted'

Interview: Samantha Fowlds on Knowledge Management for LivePro
18. November 2020
Samantha is specialized in optimizing organisational knowledge assets (people, processes, information, and technology) by applying the science of positive psychology to employee experiences, knowledge management strategies, and change management initiatives.

Municipal Campaign Assets
18. August 2020
Campaign Assets for a local councillor.

Private Chef Branding & Resume
08. February 2019
Visual brand elements for a yacht chef. Identifying information has been redacted for privacy reasons.

Infographics for Ontario Racing
05. May 2018
Selection of infographics developed for the horse racing industry.

24. July 2017
Solid marketing strategy requires solid consumer insight. But how we’ve traditionally analyzed and segmented shoppers lacks relevancy in today’s marketplace. Read on to learn about the challenges of using demographic details to understand consumers and develop business strategy.

Festival Feedback 101
23. June 2017
Consultation for gathering feedback to drive future improvements in visitor satisfaction and event planning for 'Canada Day in Kanata.'

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