Article for a Client: Workplace Safety in Alberta
25. April 2024
Content creation means helping my clients to promote their expertise – whatever their area of expertise is! Recently, I wrote some fresh content for Northern Dock Systems around workplace safety.

Your Kids Are Writing Their First Ad Campaign Right Now. Their Future Depends on It. Can You Help Them?
24. April 2024
This article discusses the importance of treating resumes as marketing documents, using the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to attract employers' attention, generate interest, and ultimately secure a job offer. It highlights the need for resumes to stand out from the competition and provides tips for creating compelling resumes that appeal to employers.

Write it on Whiskey. Critique it on Caffeine
11. April 2024
Many people have a habit of going to the coffee shop to write, sketch, or brainstorm. Read on to learn why that cup of coffee might be better placed as the second step in a creative process, not the first. Hint: it has to do with science and cognitive theory.

Logo Design
11. March 2024
Logo for a classic rock musician.

Illuminating Your Clients
20. February 2024
Decision-making is better with information that helps guide your choice. Where is that information coming from, and is it the right information? Read on to learn about where to find the guidance you need.

Logo Design
09. February 2024
Logo for a shipping container storage rental business.

Promotional Flyer and Social Media Images
23. January 2024
A poster and social media posts for a program organized by Public Health.

Website -
17. January 2024
Website for a fantastic local musician. Included photo editing and ad design.

"Luck is what happens when...
03. January 2024
If you've been tempted to revere the luck of a competitor, consider that they may have spent some time assessing their business opportunities, and then preparing for them.

Beeline Content Creation - Pitch Deck 2024
01. January 2024
Download info from my website. Want to learn more about how I can help you on a specific project? Reach out and I'll write you a proposal.

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