Ready.....Aim.....WAIT! Three Ways to Ensure Your Ad Spend Is On Target

Wasting arrows - or money - because of poor preparation is not the way to bring home the bacon. Here are three tips for ensuring your ad spend is primed for success.


Ready: Choose Your Target. Before you loose an arrow, you’ll choose your target. When you’re planning marketing activities, consider who your target audience is, where you’ll find them, and what messages or images will get their attention.  Check out my post, The Power of Knowing Your Audience.


Aim: Focus Your Shot. Consider what gear - or marketing assets - you need to connect with your target. Will a newspaper ad reach them, or would an online ad be best? Would a meme catch their attention more than a detailed advertorial? Check back with me for my upcoming article on Ad Design Best Practices.


Fire: Analyze Your Result. Firing an arrow isn’t enough, you need to know where it went! You can use free online tools - like Meta Ads for Facebook or Google Analyze for websites - to assess your performance so you know whether your aim was on point.


Connect your results to your actions to improve your next shot. In time, you’ll be a Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen of ad targeting.